Raha Engineering Workshop is a dream maker

Raha Engineering Workshop is moving at top speed. Whether the ride pushes the envelope for vertical or horizontal movement, or introduces new artistic innovations, Raha Engineering Workshop is constantly moving to stay ahead of the curve in meeting the rigorous technical requirements for amusement rides in the 21st century.

Innovation first
At Raha Engineering Workshop innovation is a job requirement. We try every day to improve every process and to come out with new products, asking ourselves what new things we can do and how we can do existing things differently.

This ‘pursuit of improvement’ also allows our customers to be innovative thanks to the new rides, the new technical solutions and the better service we offer them.

Where fantasies come true
An amusement ride is far more than just a mechanical device – it is a fascinating combination of movement and light that translates to people as ‘fun’.
Our Art Dept. is continually enhancing attractions by developing new themes or by elaborating on ideas submitted by customers.
We are sure that colours and shapes make the difference!

Projecting a successful venue
Designing a successful amusement venue requires close attention to even the smallest of details. Raha Engineering Workshop’s experienced design staff can work shoulder to shoulder with your team to design a ride package and park layout that will provide your guests with a unique and exciting experience.

Shaping your dreams
Not only because almost all the parks around the world have at least one Raha Engineering Workshop ride, but mostly because our commercial network is made up of affiliated companies and sales or representative offices in the main markets, guaranteeing a worldwide coverage.

Developing ideas from our customers or adapting existing characters to a ride concept is one of our specialities! Through dialogue with our customers in markets around the world, Raha Engineering Workshop has honed its ability to adapt its ride concepts to audiences from many different cultures. Another reason the most demanding clients choose Raha Engineering Workshop.

Always looking ahead
Raha Engineering Workshop believes that continual development of new and innovative products is part of its success. To support this belief, Raha Engineering Workshop invests considerable funds in the research and development of new, innovative, state-of-the- art amusement rides.
Many times the ‘prototypes’ of today have become the must have classics of tomorrow. Raha Engineering Workshop’s Prototype Department keeps us one step ahead!

Life is a Roller Coasters
Roller coasters are, technically speaking, the most sophisticated of amusement rides. For this reason Raha Engineering Workshop has put together a special team of engineers which over the years has developed and achieved incredible results. This department improved the quality of these products, reaching very high standards, thanks also to co-operation with DUET and the well-known Stengel Buro, satisfying customers.

High tech sophistication
It is the job of the Electrical Department to design those spectacular lighting designs that demand attention on the midway. But the LEDs, colored light caps and chaser lights are only part of what this department does.

Less visible, but vital to ride operation and safety, are the intricate ride control systems that uses AC/DC drives and PLCs to ensure safe ride operations.

Proven safe and durable.
Using advanced calculus tools normally used in the aerospace and automotive industries, Raha Engineering Workshop’s Stress Analysis Department provides the calculations that prove the ride engineering designs.

Raha Engineering Workshop’s team of professional engineers works side by side with certification authorities to set new international standards for amusement ride design. The goal – to ensure the safety and durability of Raha Engineering Workshop rides.