Entertainment games and playground equipment manufacturer in Bangladesh

We are a trusted manufacturer and exporter of playground equipment, games, attractions and toys. The entire range is appreciated by the customers due to its robust design, attractive appearance and excellent load capacity.

Structure and development of amusement park:
Amusement parks are recreational facilities that offer a varied range of entertainment, ranging from amusement parks to backbones, cockpit courts, 3D theater to giant wheels in a cluster format. These parks offer one-stop-shop recreational and entertainment solutions for the whole family in one place and are an important source of tourist attraction (home and abroad) and revenue generation for the state. Demand for entertainment options such as theme parks, I-max, shopping centers grow rapidly across the country. The main demand engines for the segments are rising middle class, rising disposable income, changing lifestyles, cultural change and increased focus for leading a holistic life with a balance between work and leisure.

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Entertainment games and playground equipment

We are one of the most prominent names in the market that deals with the production and export of a high quality range of playground equipment, games, attractions and toys. These products are made on the basis of children’s and our customers’ preferences. Our range of products are made available to customers in different specifications to fulfill their trust and trust in an effective manner. In addition, we can adjust these products according to the exact details of the customers.

Below are the details of the products offered by us:

Customers can use our wide range of children’s toy range of the best quality and in this range we offer Jungle Swing Amusement Ride. This product is highly sought after for its quality and safety, as well as a smooth finish. We have manufactured this assortment using the best raw material purchased from reliable suppliers of the same. In this area we have included conventional structure. Capacity of 18 children or adults.


Comprehensive price
Safe for use by children
Conventional design

Offering a full range of products including a multifunctional playstation, a wooden strip, a seabed handle, a metal bench, a plastic tabletop and a walky talky activity in the playground.

With the valuable help of a skilled professional, we offer a comprehensive range of multifunctional Play Station. These doctors have increased their use in schools, playgrounds and amusement parks. Our collection of playback systems is developed with high quality raw materials and is elastic and durable. These doctors control different quality parameters to ensure their impeccability from our side.

Our Rocket Merry Go Round Double Ride has the capacity to transport twelve players on a trip. To install this amazing trip you need a total area of ​​approx. 15 ‘x 15’. This trip is part of the family drive category. The attractive features include-

Made of high quality metal and fiber body
Outside the control panel with 2HP-DC motor
Riders can enjoy up and down and rotating movements

Super Amusement Games is a leading Rocket Merry Go Round Double Ride producer,

Twelve players.
Structure – Fiber and metal housing.
Exterior control panel with 2 HP DC motor.
Up Down Round Movement.

Family water park slide
We produce Family Water Park Slide with different heights. “As the name suggests, this slide can be used by family or a group of people. Family slides are available in the most vibrant colors and are made from the finest quality fiber glass material. This slide fits best with water parks, resorts and farms.


Elegant slide
Attractive colors
Robust design
Available in attractive colors
Confirmation according to ASTM and EN standard

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