Flume Ride

The ride

The Log Flume is an attraction in parks round the world. A maximum of four adult riders are accommodated in log-themed boats while sailing both on the bottom floor and on the bottom raised winding troughs before you experienced a refreshing fall from the parachute within the splash pool below. The metal channel is hot-dip galvanized and therefore the fiberglass Trunks are guided by wheels on rock bottom and sides thereof. Motorized pumps move the water while the trunks enter the station and go up lift up Capitol Hill with a conveyer belt system. the security system is provided by photocells along the canal to see the water level and therefore the timed passage of logs critical issues. Each case is equipped with safety handles and tooth protection cushion. No park should be without this attraction!

Tecnical Data : Specifics

  • Footprint : 50,4 x 94,5 m (165’ 4’’ x 310’)
  • Total track lenght : 300 m (984’ 3’’)
  • Height dimension (cute) : 5/7/11 m (16’ 5’’/23’/36’ 1’)
  • Number of logs : 13
  • Number of seats per log : 4
  • Theoretical hourly capacity : 1200 pph
  • Minimum passenger height : 120 cm (48”) if not accompanied
  • Version : Park Model