Aladdin Magic Lamp Ride For Sale-4

Aladdin Magic Lamp Ride For Sale

Aladdin Magic Lamp Ride For Sale

  • Capacity: 16 persons
  • Running Height: 1.92m
  • Eqipment Diameter: 6.1m
  • Running Speed: 1.91m/s
  • Per Car Power:11kw
  • Voltage: 220/380V,50HZ
  • Material: FRP& Steel

Introduction of Aladdin Magic Lamp Ride For Sale

The Aladdin Magic Lamp Ride is a kind of gyro-type amusement equipment, a new developed product and popular in the domestic and foreign market which is suitable for the kids and family who can ride on to enjoy the movement of rotary, sliding, lifting. Its operating characteristic is that the bottom turntable rotates while the cabins rotate in the opposite direction around the central axis of the variable inclination. The swivel part is mounted on the boom that can be lifted and lowered. The lifting of the boom is realized by hydraulic transmission, the movement is accurate and coordinated, and the operation is stable and reliable.Under the background music, as if you are in the sky, this feeling is thrilling and very strange, so that visitors will never forget!

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Technical Data of Aladdin Magic Lamp Ride For Sale

Capacity 16 persons Equipment Height 4.2m Covering Area 9*9m Running Height 1.92m Equipment Diameter 3.6m Speed 1.91m/s Power 11kw Voltage 380v,50HZ Material FRP & steel

Aladdin Magic Lamp Ride For Sale

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