Skynet Powered Electric Bumper Cars-1

Skynet Powered Electric Bumper Cars

Skynet Powered Electric Bumper Cars

Skynet bumper car is a mobile game. Equipment includes bumper car vehicles and a covered location. There is an electricity grid ceiling. Inside, passengers can drive a small electric bumper car. Four-week bumper cars are made of rubber fence by receiving the vertical post ceiling to absorb power. The capacity of the car is usually two people, with the accelerator and steering wheel. Please contact us for more detailed information and a quote sheet.

Application  sky-net bumper car / electric-net bumper car is suitable for amusement parks, amusement parks, animal parks, children’s parks, playgrounds, squares, shopping center.

Skynet Powered Electric Bumper Cars

Skynet bumper car, with a combined block section of the power network conductor in a sufficiently large insulation board, multiple conductive strips applied adjacent conductive electrodes of the opposite, each of the conductive strips each connected by the appropriate method to the end of the eponymous force. When an object in the mains power in freedom of movement, or can draw power from the mains through a sliding contact group. Article The huge power supply network can be connected directly to the theme park bumper car facility. With this method of bumper car powered activities, you have no gaps and ground steel, direct access to the common ground. Bumper cars are the rules of the game: for the fastest driver in the field to complete the lap and lap, the way you can race, the car hit the opponent to open. When the time is up, the game ends when the operator of the power supply is turned on. Bumper car speed is usually very slowly, even if the impact does not harm people and vehicles.

The skynet bumper car (ceiling grid bumper car ride) is the most classic and most common dodgem car. For the entire system to work, it needs a ceiling grille and a special floor as the power polarities. All electrical equipment requires alternating current to supply. The amount of electric floor and ceiling absolutely depends on the ground area that the customers plan to place the bumper car ride and also need the control box to drive and drive the skynet bumper car, and Raha engineering supply various bumper cars for your selection and we can design and customize bumper car body at your request.If you plan to start and find bumper car business The leading bumper car manufacturer, Raha engineering will be your best choice.

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Max and Harold Stoehrer invented the first bumper car ride, the classic generation bumper car. They called it Dodgem. After that, it became the most common dodgem car system by using a conductive floor and ceiling, each of them makes contact with a separate supply polarity. Transformers in an electronic control box adjust the voltage to adapt to the running voltage. To form a complete circuit, the contacts under the vehicle continue to touch the floor, while a pole contact continues to touch the ceiling.We generally call it a bumper ride with a ceiling grille.

Bumper cars Bodywork

Usually the production of glass fiber is stripped. Glass fiber reinforcement material is glass fiber. Glass fiber is drawn into the molten glass bladder or inorganic fiber materials, the main chemical composition of silica, aluminum oxide, boron oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium oxide and the like. Fibers have a filament, short side and flake diameter is usually 3 to 80 microns, and most coarse hair only as thickness. Glass fibers with a diameter of 10 microns, a tensile strength of 3600 MPa, equivalent to the cross the cross-sectional area per mm is constantly resistant to a tension of 360 kg. This intensity is equal to twice the strength of high-quality steel.

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Product structure

  • special designed ground floor and sky net;
  • colorful bumper car bodies and comfortable seats;
  • control box;
  • spare fittings.

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