About Raha Engineering Workshop

As our attractions develop, Raha Engineering Workshop will open an office in Bangladesh to expand its business overseas. As a leading amusement rides manufacturer, Raha Engineering Workshop has its own factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have manufactured many attractions such as bumper cars, ferris wheels, carousels, mini carousels, octopus, trackless train rides, kiddie rides including apache for kids, ball rides, ladybug rides, teacup rides and rides pirate ship. with a range of seats from 8 to 40 people.


Raha Engineering Workshop strives to create rides from the best brands. We have the best production equipment, we have a large factory, we have experienced workers and professional designers. Our rides are suitable for amusement parks, amusement rides, amusement parks, kindergartens. We can also customize kiddie rides, rides, and other family rides for our clients. Our rides are popular in Bangladeshi amusement parks.


There are many types of entertainment equipment. Depending on the place of work, there is equipment for indoor entertainment for children, a castle for mischievous people, a closed town with video games, an outdoor playground, etc. Various entertainment teams of internet celebrities have also started to gain popularity in this scenic area. Below is a list of entertainment equipment suitable for accommodation at tourist sites.