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Carousel or Merry go Round ride popular amusement ride in Bangladesh


A carousel or Merry go Round ride is a long time-tested popular amusement ride in Bangladesh. It features a rotary platform mounted with fiber horses and chariots. Those horses are designed to move up and down. Together with the rotation, it creates a galloping feeling for cyclists.



The first recorded carousel appeared in the Byzantine Empire. Around 1860, the first steam-powered carousel appeared in Europe. Nowadays, there are various carousels in parks, playgrounds, shopping malls and other places.



Raha Engineering Workshop have two kind of carousel or Merry go Round ride. Strictly royally themed, it is designed to lead passengers into a realm of innocence, joy and romantic love.


Two platforms operate independently in opposite directions. A curved steel staircase leads to the second floor. The ride can handle up to 1,000 people in one hour.


The carousel or Merry go Round ride is designed to accommodate up to 68 people with a capacity of over 1,000 people.