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Raha Engineering Workshop is a company that designs and produces all kinds of fairground rides, including kiddy rides, thrill rides, indoor rides, rides for carnival, amusement park, theme parks, coin-operated machines, trackless trains, bumper cars, ferris wheel rides, pirate ship rides, miami rides, big swing rides disco rides , and many of our products are exported in Bangladesh the all division . Welcome to the Raha Engineering Workshop fairground attractions for your entertainment company at the Raha Engineering Workshop.

Structure and development of the amusement park for Raha Engineering Workshop:

Amusement parks are recreational facilities with a varied range of entertainment, ranging from theme parks to culinary rollercoaster, 3D dramatic theater, in a cluster format. These parks offer one-stop-shop recreation and entertainment solutions for the whole family in one place and are an important source of tourist attraction. The demand for entertainment options such as amusement parks, I-max, shopping centers is growing rapidly across the country. The main demand engines for the segments are the rising middle class, the rising disposable income, the changing lifestyle, the cultural shift and the increased focus on a holistic life with a balance between work and leisure.

At Super Amusement Games we offer Big Horse Rides or excellent quality to our prestigious customers. This trip is intended for young children (younger than 10 years). Children love this trip because they feel like driving. To install this great trip, you only need 8 ‘x 4’. We have achieved high customer satisfaction, which we rarely saw elsewhere.

Three players.
Structure – Fiber & Mattel body.
Hours and music system.
Upward movement.

Sprays can be placed in separate rooms for young children and older children up to 12 years. Individual components can be arranged to create a unique tropical playground. Rich and colorful designs are a big attraction for children. Can be used in shallow basins with a depth of 12 inches (300 mm). Very interactive and exciting environment with different water flow patterns and interactive water jets

Driving a carousel is something that every child wants to do. Carrousel is the cash machine for investors with low investments but high profits. Because there are complete target customers or carousels. Equipment with hundreds of beautiful LED lights makes the horseshoe a hot spot, especially in the dark. This carousel will certainly be your good cash machine.