6 Loop Roller Coaster Ride For Sale

Introducing Six Loop Roller Coaster Ride

Roller coasters, one among the popular mechanical rides and thrill rides in the amusement parks, theme parks and carnivals, are known as the “The King of Entertainment Machine ‘, which is taken into account to be the larger and more dead defying sensations. As for several people, the roller coaster is the main reason or the sole one reason to travel to a funfair. Some people call it the “shouting machine,” because riders on the roller coaster can’t stopshouting completely. About the roller coaster, people must know the professional manufacturer and supplier of pleasure rides – Raha Engineering amusement, which always features a leading position in this industry.

6 Loop Roller Coaster Ride For Sale6-loop-roller-coaster-ride-for-sale-01

As we know, the roller coaster is scary, but safe to ride on the roller coaster. First, the braking system. The brakes are built on the tracks in order that they will stop the roller coaster cars at the top of the ride or in an emergency. Secondly, the security belts. The passenger seats are scientifically designed to make sure safety and comfort for riders. And riders are persisted to the seats with lap bars or over the shoulder harness, in order that riders are held in their seats even when inversed situation. Third, the block system. Nowadays with the event of technology, the entire operation of the roller coaster rides is controlled by a computer systems. The positions, speeds, and movements of the roller coaster cars on tracks are always controlled by the computer, in order that the roller coasters safe.


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6 Loop Roller Coaster Ride For Sale

Capacity : 24 persons
Power : 120 kW
Track Length : 730m
Area : 150×60m Track Max Height: 34m
Max Speed :80km/h
Voltage : 220/380V
Material : FRP & Steel

Technical Data of 6 Loop Roller Coaster Ride

Capacity : 24 persons
Power : 180kw
Track Length : 730m
Track Max Height: 34m
Max Speed : 80km/h
Running time : 150s/time
Area : 150*60m
Voltage : 380v/220v

Shop : 16,17,18 Washpur Madrasha, Complex Market, [East Side
of Bosilla, Bridge (3rd Buriganga), Keraniganj, +8801712 950906, +8801715616427